Stralsund Information Management Team (SIMAT)

SIMAT unites academic teaching and research, advanced training and national as well as international projects in the field of corporate information management at Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, Germany. All activities are dedicated to enable an effective and efficient use of the informational resources in enterprises. Applying an interdisciplinary approach, SIMAT combines the fields of business informatics, business administration and computer science.

In modern labs, that are equipped with the latest tools of information management, the team works with the concept of Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D). The labs are used both for research work and for demonstration purposes.

Practical relevance is key for all of SIMATs efforts. Therefore, SIMAT maintains an intensive co-operation with experts, private companies and specialist organisations. By collaborating with other universities, research institutions and by publications, the team orients itself and influences the state-of-the-art of information management. The transfer of innovative concepts and solutions to a business environment is a main target of SIMAT.

Led by Professor Michael Klotz of the School of Business at the university, the main focus of SIMATs work is organised in six different competence centres (CC).

Competence Centre

Next Generation eTourism (NEGET)


The CC is dedicated to the application of innovative information and communication tools in the tourism sector. Concept development, design and introduction of information products and services within the touristic value chain is in focus of the work. These products and services apply latest information and communication technologies like Web2.0, GPS or broadband technology. The solutions realised by SIMAT help tourists to better plan their activities during holidays, offering orientation, navigation and information. Services are needed that work multi-modal with different devices like smart-phones, eGuides or mobile phones with multiple ways to interact. A core element of SIMATs work is the development of business models in eTourism, that integrate all stakeholders who participate in an informational product or service. The team is the lead partner of the two international projects „BalticMuseums 2.0“ and „BalticMuseums 2.0 Plus“, both part-financed by the European Union.

Information Worker Productivity (INWOP)


The CC deals with the information work in now-a-days service and information society. Almost all employees fulfil roles of an information worker, who needs to be supported by appropriate systems and tools. The solutions developed by SIMAT are focussed on the platform of Microsoft. Solutions from MS Office are combined with business issues to deliver quick and focussed support. SIMAT realises the Microsoft® IT Academy in Stralsund.

IT Governance, Risk & Compliance (ITGRC)


This CC is dedicated to IT-Governance, IT-Risk Management and IT-Compliance (ITGRC). In this competence centre, SIMAT researches on instruments and leadership structures for information management. Especially, issues and questions of the tool-based modelling of compliance requirements are dealt with. The increased GRC awareness currently causes a major change in the information management of companies. The variety of demand, pressure of competition and the dependency of companies on an ever-available information infrastructure require the advancement of concepts, methods and techniques in information management. Project partners in this CC are larger private companies, consulting and accounting as well as auditing companies and providers of GRC products.

Project Collaboration Management (PROCOM)


The CC addresses questions of collaborative information and communication in projects, especially IT-projects. In focus is the integration of recent management approaches like risk, compliance or contract management into project management. In focus are web-based systems for supporting the project management of teams at different locations and in various organisations. Web2.0 technologies like project wikis and project blogs are used, while also considering the requirements regarding personalisation, authorisation, authentication and accounting (AAA) or push- and pull-mechanisms. One special area of research is the incorporation of compliance-specifications in projects or in the applied tools. Different rules and standards are relevant, like norms (e.g. DIN), standards (e.g. PMBOK, COBIT), contracts with partners, laws (e.g. BDSG) or rules (e.g. ITsecurity- rules).

Business Process Compliance Management (BPCOM)


This CC works on compliance in business processes (in connection with CC ITGRC). Tools for the modelling of processes are applied, modified and advanced for compliance issues. An integrated approach is necessary to meet the requirements of compliance in business processes effectively and efficiently. The different relevant rules and standards are pictured in the compliance requirements and need to be integrated in the model for processes. Controls for each step of the processes have to be considered, that may cover one or multiple requirements of compliance.

Transfer & Innovation (TRAIN)

In co-operation with regional, national and international partners from different backgrounds e.g. economy, administrative bodies, universities or research institutions, SIMAT is engaged in various projects about development, education and networking. The team focuses on the transfer of knowledge and the creation of innovation especially for SMEs in the regional economy of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.