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BalticMuseums in Scandinavia

Meetings with museums in Denmark and Sweden spread the word about the
BalticMuseums network to the North. The first meeting partner was Asger
Høeg, project director of the Experimentarium in Copenhagen (picture 1). The
science center offers a great variety of interactive experiments around the
world of science, to fascinate young people for biology, physics and the
like. RFID tags are applied for an individual registration for certain paths
in the science center. The dissemination tour continued to Malmö, where Erik
Roupe and Josfine Floberg of Malmö Museer (picture 2) discussed cooperation
opportunities with Susanne Marx, information officer of the BalticMuseums
project. The museum will open its refurbished aquarium that will be equipped
with electronic signs. Thereafter, the Universeum in Gothenburg welcomed the
project representative. Dorotea Blank and Jan Westin (picture 3) explained
the museums scope from aquaria, rain forest with animals to vast experiment
areas for making people interested in science. All visited in institutions
showed a great interest in the BalticMuseums cooperation and its future
plans and are eager to share their experiences.

Many thanks to:
Experimentarium Copenhagen, Denmark https://www.experimentarium.dk Malmö
Museer, Sweden
Universeum, Göteborg, Sweden www.universeum.se