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The price-link in the German natural gas market

This SIMAT Working Paper deals with an intensively discussed topic in the German natural gas economy: The price-link in natural gas con- tracts. Because of opposite price developments of the energy commodities such as oil, coal or natural gas, the traditionally used oil price-link is facing a reset. Shifting market dynamics in supply and demand of natural gas are the fundamental reason for that and led to intensive debate between the contract partners.

Zitierweise: Saatmann, Stefan J.: The price-link in the German natural gas market – The development of the oil price-link and alternative price mechanisms. In: SIMAT Arbeitspapiere. Hrsg. von Michael Klotz. Stralsund: FH Stralsund, SIMAT Stralsund Information Management Team, 2013 (SIMAT AP, 5 (2013), 23), ISSN 1868-064X

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